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Welcome to the VCHSG Fibershed Study Group

Welcome to our guild sponsored study group to promote the understanding and cultivation of our local fibershed! We are working on a ton of projects and events that will help us learn more about how to work within our fibershed.

Our fibershed study group is associated with the So Cal Fibershed Slow and Local Project. To participate in our fibershed study group, you must be a current member of VCHSG and you must sign up with So Cal Fibershed. If you are not an active member of the Ventura County Handweavers and Spinners Guild, please visit our Membership page.

What is a Fibershed?!

A Fibershed is a geographical landscape that defines and gives boundaries to a natural textile resource base. Awareness of this bioregional designation engenders appreciation, connectivity, and sensitivity for the life-giving resources within our county.

Our Local Resources

As part of our goal of supporting our local fibershed, the VCHSG Fibershed Study Group is in the works to compile a list of local resources that we can support in our efforts. Ultimately, we would like to keep our resources to within Ventura County, but it is understood that some resources will need to be obtained outside of our wonderful county with the goal of eventually bringing in sources for those "outsourced" resources.

Sounds Cool, Are There Meetings?

Why yes, thank you for asking! We do have regularly scheduled VCHSG Fibershed Study Group Meetings! We meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. Please contact Fibershed for information on how to join our Zoom meetings!